About Us

ArCalligraphy is an exciting innovative brand which focuses on making high quality clothing and accessories in a unique way. What makes our products unique are the messages, styles, and the affordable price. All this started by creating Arabic calligraphy tattoo designs then it turned into mixing fashion with Arabic calligraphy with adventure full of funny, sarcastic, meaningful designs. We started our journey through Instagram, and then we found our way into our own website to make things easier and much simpler for our lovely customers.

At one point, we've just had it with either having to spend an arm and a leg to get some decent quality clothing, or always settling for the cheaper items which came loose, sticks to your body, and shrinks! That's when our search for the perfect material began. A material that you can use or wear everyday or on special occasions or at parties or even on a daily basis, that won't break or stick and make you feel uncomfortable. That won't shrink or fade color after just a few washes, and so on.

Our clothing consists of high quality material that we have personally used on our selves first and absolutely love! We want you to be feel great having ArCalligraphy product on you. Our job is to give our customers the best and latest trends printed perfectly on several kinds of items depending on the customer’s need. Our team enjoys reputation for trust and reliability

Another fact that makes ArCalligraphy unique, we don’t only sell what we create, we can also customize designs based on the customer’s requests! We work with the customer to create a special order that will be priced same as any other product!

Also, we LOVE to hear from our customers! If you'd like to contact us for questions, concerns, suggestions, or to send us pics of your items (which we could share on our social media with your permission), then please email: support@arcalligraphy.com